Samworth Brothers

Samworth Brothers, one of the UK’s leading producers and suppliers of chilled and ambient foods, asked the question “The UK population is getting older, but what effect is this having on the way we shop, eat and cook food?”

They conducted a huge piece of research on this very topic and asked Whippet to bring to life the content of their findings. To help guide their business towards a future that caters more effectively for this fast-growing demographic.

We developed a look and feel that could run across all the materials, including infographics to make the content digestible and engaging.

We created all the material for the workshop and follow-up road shows, including a printed teaser, a small booklet, a large book, pull up banners, posters and finally, we storyboarded, scripted and collaborated with a video production company to bring all the content to life in an animated 3-minute film with voiceover.

They then brought together all internal stakeholders and clients to unveil the findings at a workshop, inviting them to explore opportunities that could better serve this group.